Alarm clock X

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Smart free alarm clock. It also comes with built-in timer and stopwatch. Set auto dismiss alarm from 3 seconds. See events calendar on current day.

Wake up in a good mood to your favorite music with free Alarm Clock X! Our smart free alarm clock with extends features. It also comes with built-in timer and stopwatch. Set the alarm to turn off automatically. The duration of the signal can be adjusted from 3 seconds to infinity. Set the alarm to your preference. Single alarms as reminders.

Alarm — Customize your own alarm to never oversleep again! Set your morning alarm to slowly increase in volume and wake you up gently Quick Alarm – Use icon to speedily set alarm. Silence after – Set auto dismiss alarm from 3 seconds. Set a non-recurring alarm in just a few taps. Ringtone — Default ringtones from your device. Music on device — Any music downloaded onto your device can be used as your alarm clock ringtone. None — Don’t want any sound? Wake up using only vibrations, with a choice between soft and intense.

Timer — Enter required time and start timer. You can set as many timers as you want for activities like exercise, cooking, and more!

Stopwatch — Use our simple and reliable stopwatch to keep track of split/lap time and total time down to 1/100 of a second. Use this feature for games, sporting events, work, science experiments, etc.


  • Music alarm – choose your favorite music
  • Gentle alarm with increasing volume
  • Single alarms as reminders
  • Quick alarms
  • Decreasing snooze interval after every snooze
  • Auto-dismiss from 3 seconds
  • Built-in Stopwatch
  • Built-in Timer
  • And much more!